Why us?

Why Heyer Performance, and not a dealer?

  1. Do you have a conversation with the person that worked on your car when you take it to a dealership?
  2. When you pay for service at the dealership, do you tak to the person who worked on your car?
  3. Do you have to communicate with multiple people just to provide information or resolve issues at a dealership?

At Heyer Performance we are an independent service shop, and we earn our keep by keeping existing and new customers happy and satisfied. Here’s what you can expect from us –

  1. Direct communication with the person who’s working on your car. Decisions can be made quickly. Confusion can be avoided. And costly or time consuming mistakes can be avoided.
  2. We know you are busy and don’t want to waste your time due to inefficient workflow.
  3. We provide total transparency through the service process, from giving you a quote, to ordering parts, to the labor, to the final bill. There are no surprises.